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Processing Tanks

Processing Vessels if properly designed and fabricated can not only improve manufacturing quality and timeliness, but improve profits through enhanced efficiency. Vessels can be configured in a myriad of sizes and shapes with virtually any list of accessories and features. Finishes are of special concern in this critical area and quality is maintained to the highest standards.

Mixing Tanks

Mixing Vessels combine the quality and customization of pressure and/or process vessels with specialized in-tank or external mixing to achieve the highest quality and most consistent product mixing. Units range from simple clamp-on propeller units to multi-motion designs including scraped surface, counter rotation and high shear blending. Applications are carefully reviewed for selection and sizing and may require baffles for proper operations.

Pressure Vessels

Pressure capability increases the versatility of other vessels by allowing process parameters within the design pressure of the unit, and provide for a wider range of operational possibilities. Units are normally designed to ASME or other appropriate standards and can be tested and certified.

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Portable Tanks

Most small vessels can be made portable through the use of casters, lifting channels or sub-bases including weigh cells to fit the application. Leg and caster configurations must be reviewed and proper design completed to reduce tipping potential and to ensure safe design parameters are utilized.


Kettles with hemispherical bottom design are required by many processes including food and "food like" products. Inherently the cleaning, evacuation and mixing are eased by the design. Special features such as tilting body, agitator lift/tilt units make this design versatile and functional.

Ingredients Tanks

Ingredient tanks of multi-compartment design can be used to reduce initial expense as well as to minimize space requirements. Units can be constructed in single or double wall design for heating, cooling or tempering products. Rectangular design fits easily in corners or against walls. A full range of accessories and features are also available with these units including CIP options.

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Silo Tanks

Silo Tanks provide large bulk storage up to 50,000 gallons for application within the facility or outside. Features necessary for exterior use including jacketing, insulation and alcove full featured bulkheads are available. Special bases, OSHA ladders/catwalks and other options can customize each unit to meet the most exacting requirements.

Aseptic Vessels

Aseptic vessels are used where sterility and/or containment is critical. Steam seals, CIP capability, special venting and other critical design aspects must be properly integrated into the unit. Utilized in bio-reaction, "kill" systems, and surge applications, these vessels are designed to meet the most stringent requirements.

USP Purified & WFI Tanks

Tanks for the storage and distribution of USP water requires a working knowledge of these systems. An understanding of the many technical issues from electropolishing to ozonation, creates a vast list of options and design constraints. Vessels used for ozone contact are dramatically different from WFI storage vessels suitable for CIP/SIP. Our knowledgeable staff can assist with your application and vessel specification.

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