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Sanitary Gauges

Sanitary gauges for the measurement of both temperature and pressure are available in a limitless number of standard and special sizes, ranges and arrangements, to suit any process requirement. The menu of features include dial size, range, fitting, mounting direction, fill, finish and materials as well as a myriad of options.


Sanitary Transmitters

Sanitary transmitters and transducers have become the equipment of choice for most control engineers, allowing incredible flexibility when used with PLC's and microprocessors. Available for virtually all requirements including temperature, pressure, level and flow, transmitters or transducers can be self or loop powered with varying outputs (the most common is 4-20 mA) to suit the input requirements when connected to control, recording or monitoring hardware. Transmitters are invaluable in assisting with the necessary requirements of today's QA/QC and validation. Many units are available with the flexibility of digital communication via the "Hart" protocol.


Sanitary Instrument Fittings

Sanitary instrument fittings are available for use in piping and process equipment to improve the cleanliness and accuracy of available instruments. Designed to be compatible with the stringent requirements of sanitary and sterile processing, these fittings reduce "dead" areas and product entrapment while aiding with cleanability and validation.


Process Controllers

Used either with PLC's or as "stand alone" units, process controllers are compact reliable and easy to install and operate in most applications. Receiving either transmitter or transducer inputs, process controllers can function in virtually any arena easily and inexpensively handling level, temperature, pressure, flow measurement, purity, TOC or differential applications.


Process Recorders

Recording of data for future use and evaluation was once the sole realm of circular chart units. Today, however, data can be direct recorded to round or strip chart models or directly to PLC/computer hardware for data logging, trend analysis and all manner of storage and retrieval. Stand-alone recorders are available with circular or strip charts, varying inputs, multiple pens or functions and can be coupled with process controllers for simple process applications.


Process Monitoring

In addition to transmitters and transducers, process monitoring can take many forms from purity to flow measurement. Monitoring equipment from major suppliers such as Anatel, Rosemount and Anderson is available. Please contact us with your specific application.


Sanitary Thermowells

Sanitary thermowells are used to isolate components from the process stream as well as for ease of removal for repair, calibration or replacement. Mounting configurations include welded or sanitary fitting for sanitary applications or flanged and threaded for non-sanitary applications. As with other components in process contact, finishes and materials are available to fit most specifications.

I to P Converters

Current-to-pneumatic converters or transducers are an important part of most control systems changing the electrical signals from controllers, PLC's and transmitters into pneumatic signals able to operate valves and other air operated products.

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