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Sanitary Tube & Shell

Sanitary tube-in-shell heat exchangers are typically the units of choice for most pharmaceutical applications, due to their mechanical integrity and flow characteristics. Whether used in a single tube or multi-tube configuration, these units can be supplied with double tubesheets, varied finishes and single or multi-pass arrangements to meet virtually any cooling or heating need. Units coupled with scraped surface agitation can be used for products ranging from creams and gels to ice cream.

Sanitary Double-Tubesheet

Addition of double tubesheets to a heat exchanger application dramatically improves the integrity of isolating the process and media streams. By creating a separation between the medias, any tubesheet leak can be detected and is kept from causing a cross contamination and ultimately product failure.

Sanitary Plate & Frame

Plate and frame heat exchangers provide large exchange areas in compact units while being both economical, efficient and easily expanded if selected properly. Plates and flow can be configured to accommodate most applications for heating and cooling.

Industrial Tube & Shell

Tube-in-shell heat exchangers are also a popular design for chemical, process and industrial applications. Units can be fabricated of virtually any material with end fittings to match any process need.

Industrail Plate & Frame

Industrial plates and frame heat exchangers provide the same advantages to process as to sanitary applications with compact size and efficient/economical operation.

Sanitary Coil Exchangers

Coil heat exchangers fabricated from tubular material provide excellent integrity due to the minimization of joints and seals. If configured from seamless stock these units virtually eliminate joints in the process environment, and can be applied vertically or horizontally in process vessels, vats, tanks, baths or other appropriate arrangement.

Sanitary Sample Coolers

Sanitary sample coolers were developed to cool small volumes of sensitive products, but can also be used equally well for heating. Especially good for sampling hot WFI, USP purified water or clean steam, these units provide a continuous stream of cooled sterile water or steam condensate. Constructed of seamless tube coiled in compact configuration, these units are extremely clean, economical and efficient.

Seal Flush Coolers

In addition, sample coolers also serve well to cool the flush media supplied to sanitary double seals, thus extending seal life. Constructed of seamless tube coiled in compact configuration, these units are extremely clean, economical and efficient. When used for seal flush cooling, the unit maximizes velocity while minimizing product hold up, and maintains product integrity.

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