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Sanitary Liquid Filters

Filters in both disposable and replacement cartridge configurations are available in a sanitary design for applications of coarse straining thru sub-micron absolute filtration in virtually limitless media materials, sizes, flow rates and process parameters. Finer filtration is also available through ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. Rated filters for use in validated processes are available with QA assurance documents and certifications.

Sanitary Gas Filters

Filters similar to those used for liquid applications, are used for gas filtration in ultrapure and sterile environments including reactive and inert gases with the variety of size, style and materials above, as well as a broad range of process parameters. Units can be selected as disposable or replacement cartridge.

Sanitary Vent Filters

Sanitary vent filters are commonly used in purified and sterile applications where venting of containers, vessels or piping is required, and where invasive contamination must be avoided. Application data including maximum flows, as well as steam sterilization and temperature must be considered during selection.

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Sintered Metal Filters

Sintered metal elements provide optional strength, chemical and temperature resistance and other advantages for special applications where other materials cannot withstand the service or duty.

Sanitary Screen Filters

Where small volumes of particulate matter must be removed from process lines, screen filters are inexpensive and easy to mount, fitting between (2) two tri-clamp ferrules in lieu of a standard gasket. Although not suitable for high pressures, these units are excellent in easy access applications requiring regular disassembly.

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Sanitary Basket Filters

Basket filtration provides an easy inexpensive method for removal of particulate in substantial volume using compact, often cleanable modular units. Both single and double screen units are available in materials ranging from Rayon to Stainless Steel. Pore sizes vary from 2 micron to 1/4 inch and units can be equipped with most sanitary features in both in-line and top opening housing configurations.

Sanitary Strainers

Similar in size and configuration to basket filtration, strainers are used for removal of larger particulate and are often used for protection prior to mechanical equipment and instruments.


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