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Dry-To-Liquid Blenders

Dry to liquid blending is an often misunderstood and misapplied process. Commonly rotary agitation is used at the expense of product quality, consistency and processing time. True D-T-L blenders can provide rapid mixing with vast improvement in consistency and quality. The Tri-Clover tri-blender is an excellent and inexpensive means for improving your process. Contact us to arrange for factory testing or a rental unit for in-house testing of your product.

In-Line Blending

In-line blending has increased in popularity based on continuous manufacturing techniques and also as an outgrowth of the food and beverage industry. In-line blending can accurately mix varying rates of numerous ingredients continuously or simply add one ingredient to a batch. However in either case, the ease and quality enhancements can quickly justify the cost.

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High Shear Blending

High shear blending can describe types of DTL blending, but also refers to "in-tank" blending with high tip speeds or a rotor/stator arrangement. Used for difficult to mix solutions and suspensions, this is an economical method to achieve excellent results.


The common term "agitation" is vastly over worked and often misapplied but congers the image of a top mounted propeller type mixer. This is the most common, and cost effective means available and is suitable for a myriad of applications. Units are available in a broad range of sizes with various drives, mounts, seals, shaft and blade configurations including hundreds of options and features. Lab size units are also available with programmability and computer interface.

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In-Tank Blending

In-tank blending can include basic agitation as well as high shear mixing but can also be expanded to include surface scraping and counter rotation in virtually any combination. Unfortunately, it is impractical in most cases to retrofit this type of equipment, making it advisable for inclusion with the original vessel design. See our section on Tanks and Processing Vessels.


Today's trends toward automation and accuracy has expanded the market for metering extensively. Units of all sizes, shapes, designs and accuracies are available for metering and blending both batch and continuously with single or multiple ingredients. Improved accuracy has allowed subtractive control to minimize equipment costs while improving cleanliness and operating simplicity. Meters are available with all standard connections, finishes and ranges in the following types:

A) Mass Flow
B) Turbine
C) Magnetic
D) Positive Displacement
E) Ultrasonic


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