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Tube Welding Systems

Automatic tube welding has become the unquestioned standard for all high tech installations in aerospace, electronics, pharmaceuticals and high purity chemical and gas handling. Once costly and cumbersome, equipment has been reduced in size and expense with improved reliability. Today, Astro Arc remains the world leader in programmable welding with the broadest range of equipment and technology available. Power sources of varying sizes and features drive welding heads ranging from open to enclosed to ultra-high purity (UHP). Locally GMP Systems provides sales, support, training and repairs for all of Astro Arcs' current and past models. Our extensive parts inventory includes almost $500,000.00 in merchandise to service the entire line of Astro Arc products. Repairs can usually be completed in 24-48 hours and rental/loaner equipment is available on a first come basis to equipment owners.

Pipe Welding Systems

Automated pipe welding takes the science of automatic welding one step further accounting for the inconsistency of material and wall thickness by including features such as AVC (Auto Voltage Control), WF (Wire Feed) and OSC (Oscillation). The basic power source with increased amperage as well as additional features can provide the ultimate in pipe weld quality and reliability in every industry including nuclear applications. Weld heads follow segmented tracks or guides which can operate on pipe sizes beyond 60" as well as on flat plate applications. All power sources capable of pipe welding are automatically configured for tube applications and heads as well.

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Welding Power Supplies

Welding power supplies range in output from 50 to 500 Amps and in other ranges on application. Factory programs are supplemented via card reader, keypad or laptop computer input for reliability and ease. Printers are available to document weld programs, status and to report excursions. Units are interfaced with weld heads to ensure correct rotational speed, amperage and other key functions. A vast array of features is also available to meet most applications, including adaption to turning and positioning equipment such as our precision integrated welding lathe.

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Welding Torches/Heads

Welding heads (or torches) range from the most common "K" head (which provides the highest quality available) to the open "MU" style heads (for economic easy operation). "K" heads use a patented design which includes a 360 ceramic gas cup. This feature provides the ultimate in gas shielding and weld quality while offering the benefit of extended head service life, a result of arc heat absorption by the ceramic. The "MW" series head offers improved handling from its "horseshoe" design and offers high quality repeatable end results. The "MU" series open head is the most economical series head for tube and pipe welding in applications requiring automation. Currently under development the UHP sentry head will be introduced in 1998 for Ultra High Purity applications. This unit utilizes interchangeable cassettes of varying sizes for each drive handle and has undergone the most extensive testing in Astro Arc's history to ensure unquestioned accuracy and reliability. Specialty weld heads are available for applications such as tube-to-tube sheet welding and custom shop or field requirements.

Wire Feed Units

Wire feed units to supplement pipe welding applications can be configured as part of the weld torch or as accessory items. The "Polyfil" wire feed unit is our most popular "add-on" wire feed unit.


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