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Tungsten Grinding Equipment

Another critical parameter in auto welding is the electrode. Tungsten geometry and length is critical with tolerances within 1-3 thousandths. Based on its hardness, tungsten is difficult to hand grind precisely. We, therefore, offer pre-ground tungstens to any length and tip configuration from stock as well as offering Diamond Ground equipment for field or shop grinding of your own electrodes. This high quality equipment (Model DGP2) grinds the tip and cuts the finish product to length reliably and quickly while imparting a 20 RMS tip finish.

Video Inspection Systems

Inspection of completed welds is commonplace and requires sophisticated equipment. Contact us to discuss your application for fiberoptic or video borescoping systems or services. Probes of varying lengths and diameters including articulation are available with videotaping that includes weld documentation adjacent to the image.

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Polishing Materials

After welding the requirement for polishing welds is still prevalent in many industries including food, beverage and dairy. Proper tools and equipment reduce heat, damage to the material and air-borne particulate while improving productivity. Contact us with your application for polishing materials that will aid your bottom line.

Gaskets & "O" Rings

Gaskets, o-rings and smart gaskets are just a few of the plastic and elastomeric items available at excellent prices. Most joint styles and materials of construction are stocked, and sanitary gaskets can be provided with material certifications. Specialty items such as thermocouple gaskets and spore strip holders including their accessory hardware are also available typically from stock. Please contact us for any special plastic machining or elastomer molding requirements you may have.

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Tube & Pipe Hangers

Proper support of sanitary systems is critical to their success and operation. The cost of these high quality systems should not be compromised by the use of inadequate clevis or ring supports. Contact us for correct supports including Tri-Clover and Waukesha's stainless steel support system designed to complement their lines of sanitary products or for alternative systems such as the stackable support system.

Flexible Hoses

Most systems require flexible hoses of one type or another to isolate equipment, connect portable vessels or pumps and for ease of change. Hoses ranging in sizes, styles and materials with limitless ends of both sanitary and industrial design are available for most process applications. Hoses with external coverings of stainless and rubber can be supplemented with insulation and other materials. Reusable ends are also available for use with coil hose materials.

Miscellaneous Accessories


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