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Custom Fabrication

img0013.jpg (24548 bytes) Our custom fabrication shops are at your disposal for virtually any size or shape fabricated from stainless steel sheet, tube, pipe or plate. Our automatic welding equipment has a capability range of 60" diameter with 6" wall thickness and is supplemented by state of the art tools and support equipment. Our hand welding and polishing areas can provide finishes to meet your needs on either interior, exterior or both surfaces.

Below are a few of our accomplishments for your review:

A)  Parts washing units
B)  Liquid and dry ingredient totes
C)  Portable and stationary hoppers
D)  Fixed and portable ladders/stairs
E)  Platforms and mezzanines
F)  Pump skids - fully wired with controls
G)  Processing skids - complete
H)  Packaged USP Purified Water Systems
I)   Prefabricated piping and ductwork
J)  Manifolds
K)  Sinks and tables
L)  Cabinets
M) Surgical instruments
N) Filter dollies
O) Push Carts
P) Architectural trim
Q) Ampul handling and sterilizing trays

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